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Refurbished Palm Tungsten PDAs for Sale

Offered for sale are professionally refurbished Palm Tungsten PDAs (including the Tungsten E, Tungsten E2 Tungsten T3 and Palm Tungsten T5) with a new battery & new screen installed!
Click on the “view product” button on any of the products below to view more details, Please note: Our Palm PDA Handheld devices are professionally refurbished by a Palm Technician. If you want to purchase a device built to last this is a great source of quality refurbished Palm Tungsten Handheld PDAs.
Rest assued that we always strive to take care of our customers and we ship fast and free from the USA!

Free Shipping!Orders over ship free in the USA.
Find out how insanely fast we ship!

If a particular product you are interested in is marked out of stock, feel free to Contact US to see if it is something we can special order for you.

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